Stars and Stripes' mission to re-home and rehabilitate at risk dogs would not be possible without the help of our dedicated foster families. Each dog is placed with a foster home to be fully evaluated, seen by a local vet, and exposed to life in a home environment prior to being eligible for adoption. 

Being in the shelter can be difficult, some animals handle it better than others. Unfortunately for the ones that have a harder time during this transition period, the tolls of their anxiety show through their behavior. And they often become overlooked when being considered for adoption. They display nervousness, shyness and what would normally be seen as bad behavior in a pet. Being in a nurturing foster home will help them through training and comfort and will allow them to be seen as they are meant to be… the best pet ever! 

Our fosters are dog lovers with all levels of experience who are willing to open their homes to foster dogs until they are adopted. Fosters play an important role in our mission by acting as advocates for the dogs in their care. From addressing health concerns to working on basic to advanced obedience training to facilitating the adoption process. These individuals and their families treat each dog as their own and are involved in every step of the rescue process. 

Why Foster with Us?

Fostering is the perfect way to learn about the responsibilities of dog ownership without the cost or life-long commitment of dog ownership. We match each foster with a Foster Partner; an experienced volunteer who will provide foster training and guidance throughout the process. We coordinate resources such as donated supplies, transport assistance, and medical assistance at no cost to our volunteers. Our program also includes an extensive training program for both the Foster Partner and the individual dog. This ensures each foster feels supported throughout their foster dog's stay.  We believe that our volunteers are our greatest asset! We put on educational seminars, events, and other opportunities, so each foster can learn and grow with other like-minded volunteers.

Every member of the family is involved

The Commitment

As fosters, their job is to identify our foster dogs' needs, work with them to fulfill their potential as household pets, (or that one special Service Dog to be.) They will also assist the adoption team in finding their perfect "furever" families.

Our fosters understand that not every dog will arrive as a perfect match for their household lives. Just like humans each foster dog may come with their own baggage.  

As fosters, they take responsibility for working with our dogs to overcome any fears, bad habits, or health issues that might arise prior to adoption. Even if it wasn't anticipated ahead of time.

Fosters are trusted to take advantage of the many health, behavioral, and other resources available to them. They know they can ask questions at any time in order to set our dogs up for success.

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Both Rescue Dog and family benefit from Fostering Program