Works with Dogs

These positions work directly with the dogs with some client interaction.


Works with Clients

These positions are client facing and some interaction with the dogs


Work behind the Scenes

These positions are important but require no interaction with the clients or dogs

Dog Trainer

  • Consulting with Foster's to discuss behavioral concerns and training needs.
  • Developing suitable training plans for Foster's to train dogs' the basic commands using various training techniques that are best suited to each dog's personality and attributes. This training will enable our dogs to pass the Good Canine Citizen Test.
  • Help in evaluating dogs' dispositions and temperaments, allowing us to determine whether the dog is able to advance to Service Dog Level training.

Pet Chauffer – Requires valid driver’s license

  • Provide transportation of animals from shelters to our offices & vet clinics, take them to mobile adoptions & vet appointments
  • This will require use of personal vehicle
  • Pick up donated supplies and food; may involve lifting/carrying

Mobile Adoption Coordinator

  • Set up, staff and take down mobile adoption sites
  • Help pair adoptable animals with their forever homes
  • Interview potential adopters, approve & deny adoptions
  • Ensure safety of animals at event
  • Organize supplies, manage volunteers & animals at event

Fosters (Urgently Needed!)

Stars and Stripes Rescue depends on our foster families to provide homes for animals waiting for adoption. For rescue organizations, foster homes are one of the most valuable resources.

Foster Screener

  • Call potential fosters to provide guidelines and expectations for Stars and Stripes Rescue foster programs
  • Make sure potential fosters are a good fit for the foster program
  • Communicate information with Volunteer Manager

Foster Leader

  • Assist in approving fosters by reviewing applications
  • Contacting landlord/vet offices
  • Conducting phone screens
  • Setting up home visits

Event Coordinator

  • Assist in coordinating foster, dog and volunteer attendance for adoption events that take place on Saturday or Sunday

Dog Handler at Adoption Events

  • Assist Adoption Leader
  • Handle dogs of all sizes, breeds, ages & activity levels
  • Talk with the public and assist in adoption counseling and promotion of Stars and Stripe’s Rescue’s mission

Adoption Leader

  • Assist in finding homes for dogs by marketing available dogs for adoption
  • Reviewing applications
  • Contacting landlord /vet offices
  • Conducting phone screens
  • Setting up home visits
  • Completing adoption paperwork


  • Help with corporate solicitations, business donations, and community involvement
  • Assist with planning fundraising events
  • Assist at the fundraising events by serving food, checking in guests, etc.


Are you magic with a camera? Join the photography team. A photograph's power to saves lives couldn't be more apparent than in the case of rescue dogs.

  • We need great photos of our dogs that are available for adoption
  • Successfully adopted animals
  • Photos at adoption events, special events, and fundraising events

IT Leader

Are you good with computers and technology? Join the IT Team.

  • Help in determining software/computer needs
  • Ensure security/network compliance
  • Recommendation on new technology purchases

Administrative Support

Assisting with the many operational and organizational administrative tasks required to keep Stars and Stripes Dog Rescue moving smoothly. This may include data entry, paperwork, running errands etc. More specifically:

Vet Checks – Join the Vet Check Team. This would include contacting potential adopters vet references.

Adoption Follow-Up Team - Help with calling past adopters to make sure all is going well with their adopted animal

Professional Consultants – Offers a perfect way for busy lawyers, insurance specialists, veterinarians, tax consultants, and others to contribute as needed

Web & Design – Help maintain our website and ensure we are staying current with features/functions, etc.

Graphic Design Help with brochures, literature, signage, and other artistic pieces needed in either print or the website

Website Content Help with writing our Blog, writing bios for the dogs, writing Stars and Stripes Rescue articles, and other creative areas on the website

SEO Help ensure we are enlisting the proper Search Engine Optimization protocols

If you are interested in any of these positions or have skills we didn't know we needed, Click on JOIN US below and let's chat! We can't wait for you to join the team.