Once the dogs are pulled from the shelter, they will be given a cursory health check. Dogs who pass the health check will be taken to their new foster home to begin the shelter decompression process. Dogs with immediate healthcare needs will be taken to one of our veterinary clinics for care. Once they are medically cleared, they will go to their foster homes.

While in their Foster Homes, all dogs will go through obedience training. Every dog must pass the Canine Good Citizen test before they can be adopted. If the dog shows the aptitude/behavior traits, they will begin our Service Dog training. Once the dogs pass our “Service Dog” certification training, they will be adopted out to a fully screened Service Member applicant. The Applicant adopting the dog will be required to work with our volunteers to learn how to properly care, handle and work with our dog in a positive and constructive manner. Support will continue for all of our adopters until they are fully comfortable with their new companion as long as they need us. For us, this is a lifetime commitment.

For the dogs who aren’t able to successfully complete our "Service Dog” training, they will be placed in our regular adoption program. We will use the same strict screening process for "furever" homes not requiring specially trained dogs. It's important to note that we may rescue 25 dogs to find that one special dog who has what it takes to become a Service Dog.

How it Works

From application to adoption, we'll walk you through each step of the way. Learn more about the process so that you know what to expect on your "dogtastic" adoption journey. We also have a post-adoption program where we do periodic "check-in" calls to see how things are going.

Why Stars and Stripes Rescue?

There are many places to adopt a dog from and it's important to adopt from a reputable organization. We want to ensure you get the right match for you and your family. Learn more about adopting or fostering with us.


As a volunteer-based organization, our mission can only be accomplished with your help.  We receive no funding other than generous donations from our dog loving community. Learn more about our donation funds here.

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